Less than two years removed from returning to town, Zecháriah Ruffin has quickly established herself as an inimitable, valued, and oh-so-active figure in Milwaukee hip-hop as Zed Kenzo. Though she’s been piling up impressive opening gigs, snagging festival slots, and helping to lead the city’s hip-hop scene to hallowed ground one captivating performance at a time, Zed Kenzo’s sterling reputation dwarfs her recorded output. That will all change this winter, when she plans to expand her catalog exponentially with the release of a new EP.

The yet-untitled EP will be written, performed, and produced by Zed Kenzo, who—citing M.I.A and Missy Elliott as influences—stressed the importance in having complete control over her music.

“The EP will be a roller coaster of turn-up and emotions. I think people will really get to know me as a performer and producer,” Kenzo tells Milwaukee Record. “I want my EP to be fun and intense, so while you’re turning up, you’re also listening to lyrics about me destroying men.”

The first single, “Scary Spice,” confronts that topic directly, with pointed lyrics addressing her frustration with, as Zed puts it, “straight, obnoxious males that have tried [her].” Just as promised, the scathing song comes wrapped in infectious and creepy lo-fi production that channels her standout song to date, “Linda Blair.” Before Zed Kenzo heads Minneapolis to play a trio of shows this weekend, and a few months before her forthcoming EP, listen to “Scary Spice” now.

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