Gov. Evers Declares State of Emergency Due to Elevated Wildfire Conditions

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today signed Executive Order #191 declaring a state of emergency in response to elevated wildfire conditions throughout the state.

“Protecting Wisconsinites from the destructive danger of wildfire is a top priority. Although northern Wisconsin still has considerable snow cover, the danger is extreme across much of the state today,” said Gov. Evers. “This executive order will give the Department of Natural Resources the ability to have all available resources ready to be quickly dispatched at critical moments to keep fires small and minimize damage.”

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has requested wildfire suppression support from the Wisconsin National Guard due to elevated fire danger across much of the state. The benefit of the Executive Order will support challenges associated with ongoing statewide wildfire danger and widespread need to enhance suppression capability and protect Wisconsinites.

The Executive Order from the governor will assist the state in rapidly mobilizing the Army National Guard’s Blackhawk helicopters to the areas of the state in most need of aerial fire suppression resources during the critical spring fire season; this critical period in Wisconsin generally lasts through the month of May.

Wisconsin is heavily invested in achieving quick initial attack to mitigate the potential for large fire development. The National Weather Service indicates weather conditions conducive to wildfires are possible, including gusty winds, low relative humidity, and dry fuels.

Executive Order #191 will also direct all state agencies of the state of Wisconsin to assist as appropriate in wildfire prevention, response, and recovery efforts.

A copy of Executive Order #191 can be found here.


Relating to a Declaration of a State of Emergency in Response to Elevated Wildfire Conditions

WHEREAS, Wisconsin has been experiencing a period of high fire occurrence;

WHEREAS, based upon weather predictions from the National Weather Service, Wisconsin will experience a period of weather in which wildland fuels can readily ignite and create rapidly spreading fires;

WHEREAS, there is an ongoing statewide wildfire danger and threat that may affect the safety of persons and property;

WHEREAS, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has requested wildfire suppression support from the Wisconsin National Guard to include the pre-positioning of firefighting assets in critical locations throughout the state; and

WHEREAS, additional personnel and resources may be needed to expedite the response and recovery operations in the affected areas.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, TONY EVERS, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Laws of this State, and specifically by Sections 321.39(1)(a), 323. 10, and 323.12 of the Wisconsin Statutes, do hereby:

1. Proclaim that a State of Emergency exists in the State of Wisconsin.

2. Direct all state agencies of the State of Wisconsin to assist as appropriate in potential wildfire prevention, response and recovery efforts.

3. Call to state active duty such elements of the Wisconsin National Guard as the Adjutant General deems necessary to assist Wisconsin Emergency Management and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in providing wildfire suppression support and other essential services.

4 . Authorize the Adjutant General to use personnel called to state active duty pursuant to this order in emergency status.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great seal of the State of Wisconsin to be affixed. Done at the Capitol in the City of Madison this twelfth day April in the year of two thousand twenty-three


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