DPW Releases new Paint the Pavement Program

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) is pleased to announce the release of its new Paint the Pavement program. Paint the Pavement gives Milwaukee residents the opportunity to showcase streets as places for people to enjoy. This program turns city streets and sidewalks into canvases that help enhance community identity and build a sense of place. Since 2018, DPW has allowed residents and community groups to paint artistic crosswalks through its Decorative Crosswalk program. The new Paint the Pavement program expands upon the Decorative Crosswalk program by increasing the types of murals that are eligible.

“Paint the Pavement builds on the Decorative Crosswalk program which premiered as a creative way to showcase streets as places for people to enjoy. Paint the Pavement is another example of the Department of Public Works’ commitment to this and aligns with other initiatives such as Active Streets, our parklet program, and special events permitting,” Interim Commissioner of Public Works Jerrel Kruschke said.

The following parts of the public right-of-way are included in the Paint the Pavement program:

• Crosswalks
• Sidewalks
• Residential intersections
• Residential streets
• Curb extensions

The Paint the Pavement Guide outlines specific location and design guidelines for each mural type. The application is a two-step process, and consists of a Paint the Pavement Permit Application and a Special Event Permit (sidewalk applications do not require a Special Events Permit). There is no fee for the Paint the Pavement Permit; however, applicants will be charged a fee for any barricades provided through the Special Event Permit.

For more information and to see examples of previously completed projects, visit milwaukee.gov/PaintthePavement.

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