September is a month that’s synonymous with weddings. The month—which straddles the end of summer and the start of autumn—is among the most popular times for people to tie the knot. With that in mind…and because it’s a great movie that we could secure the rights to, we’ve decided to screen The Wedding Singer at Avalon Theater on Wednesday, September 28. Tickets are on sale NOW!

This classic 1998 comedy has it all. It has Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in their first of many roles together! It has loads of laughs and oodles of romance! It has a treasure trove of quotes that are still in circulation almost a quarter-century after the film’s release. It has scenes with Jon Lovitz firing on all cylinders and a late-movie cameo by Billy Idol. THERE’S EVEN A RAPPING GRANNY IN THIS MOVIE, PEOPLE!!! If you’ve somehow never seen this critically-acclaimed box office smash or it’s just been a while since your last viewing, we urge you to join us at the Bay View theater for this rare screening of this celebrated rom-com.

As always, this 6:30 p.m. screening is sponsored by our friends at Lakefront Brewery, who will have some of their tasty beers available on draft. This screening will also feature two new sponsors! Great Lakes Distillery will make its Avalon Theater debut and will offer a “Wedding Stinger” cocktail made with Rehorst Citrus & Honey Vodka during the screening. They’ll be joined by Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, who will collect donations (both in person and online). We repeat: tickets to this 6:30 p.m. screening are on sale NOW. We’re showing The Wedding Singer on September 28, and you’re reaping all the benefits.

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