Even though the Green Bay Packers still have two games left this year, the season is pretty much over. Last week’s loss to the Chicago Bears mathematically eliminated Green Bay from playoff contention for the second consecutive season. Despite making the Pro Bowl, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t looked himself lately. Mike McCarthy was fired earlier this month, and a few veteran players are surely on the way out as well. All things considered, it’s been a tough year.

Instead of bothering to look for more reasons to keep watching the 2018 Packers, we decided to devote a whole podcast episode to looking back at better times. Host Tyler Maas asked Rick Katschke—friend of the site, vintage commercial enthusiast, former Family Feud contestant, and longtime Packer backer—to come to his kitchen and talk about the ’96 Packers squad that won Super Bowl XXXI. With a team photo nearby, they talked about each and every player on the team, memories of that historic season, and updates on where some of those Packers are today. If you want semi-informed discussion about the likes of Don Beebe, Lamont Hollinquest, and Bob Kuberski, you’re in the right place.

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