As the singer and guitarist of The Dirty Nil, Luke Bentham has toured all around the world, performed in stadiums and renowned clubs, shared the stage with legendary bands like The Who, won a Juno Award, and released some outstanding albums that have helped to carry rock and roll boldly—and loudly—into the roaring ’20s. Before he was fronting the long-tenured and accomplished Canadian outfit, Bentham was living in the small Ontario town of Dundas and shredding on Nirvana and Green Day covers as a member of Twisted Minds.

Recently, My First Band host Tyler Maas spoke to Bentham about the COVID-19 conditions in his corner of Canada, keeping busy in quarantine by writing material with his bandmates/roommates, and the singer’s lifelong affinity for rock and roll. Over the course of the hour-long discussion, Bentham also opened up about the unexpectedly lengthy run The Dirty Nil has enjoyed, once being paid for a show in Dairy Queen Blizzards, formative early performances and tours, his initial aversion to singing, and why nothing quite compares to banging out songs with his friends in their concrete rehearsal space.

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