WMSE‘s local and live in-studio showcase, Local/Live, airs Tuesdays 6-7 p.m. You can find past episodes HERE. Beginning in 2023, we’re also collecting episodes on a handy Soundcloud playlist.

CAL: Good evening everybody, and welcome to another edition of WMSE’s Local/Live. It’s about two minutes after 6 p.m., and I should let you know that you’re tuned in to 91.7 FM, WMSE, the Big Sound Downtown. We are a listener-supported broadcast service of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. My name is Cal, I’m sitting here with Sid. It’s great to be back! Hi Sid!

SID: Hey Cal, it’s great to have you back! I think the band tonight, Elephonic, might be the largest band we’ve had in the studio so far.

CAL: In quite a while, for sure. We might have had some years ago, but I can’t remember the last time we had seven musicians in at once, and they’re packed in tight.

I would call this a supergroup because we’ve got some ringers in this band. Most of our listeners I would think at some point have heard the name Mike Jarvis. He’s known around town for being in The Blow Pops way back in the ’90s, The Lackloves, too many things to name. We’ve also got Jason Klagstad on guitar. He’s played with Semi-Twang, Plumb Loco, and is also the new president of WAMI. Steve Vorass on drums. We’ve had him in here multiple times since I’ve taken over Local/Live. I’m Not A Pilot, Rocket Cat, he’s played with Myles Coyne, the list goes on.

I’m looking at this band out here and I don’t think we’ve ever had a band arranged quite like this on the show, so I’m super stoked. Hope you all are too!

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