Ever since GGOOLLDD released its so, so, so great EP $tandard$ this summer, Wisconsin was left to wonder what the exciting band’s fifth recorded song would yield. Honesty time: we don’t exactly know the answer to that, but if the teaser for the super-group’s new “Boyz” video is any evidence, it’s going to be equally awesome. The two-minute video features all the essentials, including a disco ball and frontwoman Margaret Butler’s siren song assuring “These hearts are on fire.”

The video was filmed at RDI Studios in St. Francis earlier this month, with a collaborative effort from John Roberts, Timm Gable, Mark Foote, Ryan Bingham, Jessica Farrell, and Jess Knapp at the ready. The “Boyz” video will be out February 15, but you can likely get a preview of the song at the Pablov 6 benefit on January 17.

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