Some things need little to no introduction, so we’ll keep this brief: Here’s an ’80s-tastic video of ’80s-tastic Milwaukee band The Converters. It was shot at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the ’80s-tastic year of 1985. The band includes Pete McManaman on guitar, Dave Braun on drums, and Glenn Boren on bass. They synch-perform one original song (“Dance The Night Away”) and one cover song (Traffic’s “The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys”), and perform-perform another original song (“Take Me To Your Leader”). The video is nearly 16 minutes long and it’s totally radical.

In the decidedly less-radical year of 2019, McManaman is still an active area guitarist (he opened for Survivor at this year’s Zoo a la Carte), Braun is still an active area drummer (he performed with the Tom Anthony Group at this year’s Wisconsin State Fair), and Boren is the proprietor of instrument-strap company Trophy Straps. Also, “Take Me To Your Leader” is a total jam.

(This post brought to you by our weekly tradition of typing “Milwaukee” into YouTube and hoping for something good.)

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