You know the phrase “you just had the be there”? When it comes to Valley Fox, that saying has actually been fairly accurate to this point. Despite kicking around the city’s music scene for a few years, managing sporadic out-of-town shows, and landing the occasional Midwest festival slot along the way, the Milwaukee folk trio’s music (with the exception of a few performances on YouTube) could pretty much only be heard in a live setting.

Well, that all changed today, as Valley Fox has released its debut single at long last. “Roll On Mary” is a foot-stomping number that’s carried by the blistering mandolin picking of Joe Wais, Tori Yocum’s booming upright bass, and Laura Bomber’s moody electric guitar riffs. When joined by Wais and Bomber’s powerful harmonies, this “tale of a man in desperate need” is nothing short of an outstanding recorded introduction to a band we can’t wait to hear more from. “Roll On Mary” has been years in the making, but the group’s debut single is well worth the wait. And good news! We’re also told the single will be part of a forthcoming album entitled Bear Dance that’s due out in late 2024.

If you managed to get tickets before the festival sold out, you can see Valley Fox perform at Blue Ox Music Festival in Eau Claire at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 28 on the Backwoods Stage. Stay tuned for more upcoming Valley Fox gigs—including some in the Milwaukee area, hopefully—as the album release approaches.

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