When he’s not busy writing songs about Lawrencia Bembenek (!), recording albums in Johnny Cash’s cabin (!!), getting co-writing credits on Bob Dylan songs (!!!), or shooting videos with the “Jump To Conclusions” guy from Office Space (“The guy made a million dollars!”), Trapper Schoepp is just out there being a standup dude. Need proof? The latest release from the tireless Milwaukee musician is a fundraiser cover of Jesse Malin‘s “Meet Me At The End Of The World.” Malin is a New York singer-songwriter—and friend of Schoepp—who suffered a rare spinal stroke in 2023 that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Schoepp is asking folks to name their price/donation and purchase his “Meet Me At The End Of The World” cover on Bandcamp. All proceeds will go directly to Malin’s Sweet Relief Fund.

Oh, and Schoepp has released a Milwaukee-tastic video for the song, too. Check out the Andrew Feller-directed clip here:

As for the full story on Malin, we’ll let Trapper take over here. Nicely done, sir. Get well soon, Jesse!

Last year I sang this song all across Europe with my dear friend, Jesse Malin. It’s called ‘Meet Me at the End of the World,’ and to me, it’s about staring into the darkness of these times and still finding your little piece of community, camaraderie and joy in it all. These are the times we need the music most, after all. Only a couple months after that tour ended, Jesse would be tested in one of the worst ways a human could. While out to dinner, he suffered a rare spinal stroke that left him paralyzed from the waist down. For a man who is, to me, the picture of good health, this news was very difficult to hear.

Jesse Malin is a rock n roll singer and beat poet in the vein of NYC greats like Lou Reed, Joey Ramone and Dion. His style and spirit is completely unpretentious, and I truly believe he’s one of the great live acts of our time. I’ve seen him play to both fifty and a thousand people with the same level of intensity and care. He has an undeniable and authentic punk rock edge, which comes from years of playing in hardcore bands. His shows can be intense and emotional—but also very funny. There’s no musician who has made me laugh as hard as him. He has taught me to not take myself too seriously but to still always show up and give a shit.

It should be said that Jesse is a living and breathing embodiment of New York City. His songs are steeped in the city’s history and his stories take to the very streets where he grew up. So many songs about New York get it wrong but Jesse’s don’t because he’s lived it — just listen to “Brooklyn.” While his characters are often on the fringes of society—outcasts, immigrants, artists, anarchists, criminals, addicts—there’s an acceptance and love to his approach that’s quite rare. “Keep the P.M.A.” as he likes to say…

Those close to Jesse also know him as a tireless nightclub owner, who has helped run some of the hippest spots in the city for years. He’s brought thousands of great bands through NYC—and probably picked up their tab!

While Jesse is making strides toward recovery, he will need a high level of care that’ll come with a high price tag. Please give back to Jesse by purchasing this song with a donation level of your choice at our Bandcamp starting at $1 — funds going DIRECTLY to his Sweet Relief Fund. Send all your P.M.A. to Jesse on his road to recovery.

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