Over the last 15-plus years, Tim Schweiger has crafted a sterling reputation throughout Wisconsin (and beyond) with his on-stage efforts as a member of Yesterday’s Kids, The Obsoletes, Blueheels, The Midwest Beat, Paul Collins Beat, and his eponymous endeavor, Tim Schweiger And The Middle Men.

With “countless hours” of recording time logged between that bevy of bands, Schweiger amassed a wealth of covers he laid down while in the studio. The Middle Men have a rare run of shows—three, to be exact—planned for the summer, so Schweiger thought the time was right to offer up his archive of cover songs to listeners at no cost to help promote the show.

“I owe that to the people who hired me to fill their venues, right?” Schweiger says. “Free covers are great ways to do that because people love free shit.”

Schweiger has released a pair of covers every day since May 30. He’ll continue to do so until his June 15 show at High Dive. In all, he says he’ll put out between 27 and 32 songs, all free of charge. Perhaps better yet, the price of the Middle Men’s entire discography of original material has been reduced by 50 percent.

Early covers honor artists like the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, The Outsiders, and The Flying Lizards. Before Tim Schweiger And The Middle Men play in support of Twins at High Dive on June 15 and at Green Bay’s Lyric Room on June 16, stream and/or download this batch of covers on Bandcamp, and be sure to check in periodically to see what Schweiger is covering next.

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