If you’re looking for subtlety in your music—poetic and tender lyrics, intricate and feather-light instrumentation—The Grovelers are not the band for you. “When you wear your Sunday best / I tear you up and I eat your flesh,” sings bassist Lemonie Fresh on “Sicko,” the opening track to The Grovelers’ delightfully trashy 2015 debut full-length, Derelicts And Screw-Ups. “I’m alive / I’m alive / Mmm, mmm, baby we were made for each other.” For a song that features one of the protagonists luring the other into a van for some decidedly NSFL activities, that’s as close to poetry as you’re going to get.

And so it goes for the just-released, better-late-than-never video for “Sicko.” Created by Wendy Norton of Norton Video, the clip tells the story of a typical first date: boy calls girl in hopes of murdering her, boy and girl go out to eat, girl turns the tables on boy by poisoning him and driving him into the woods and pushing him off a cliff and burying him, boy comes back to life, girl beats boy over the head with a shovel. “I’m alive!” indeed.

Oh, the whole thing is told via stop-motion puppets/rag dolls, of course. Oh, and The Grovelers released a great follow-up record last year, Cream City Nights. Enjoy!

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