Last year, Telethon came out of nowhere to release one of Milwaukee’s best albums in the form of the ambitious and all-around excellent The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told In Five Acts. Though the 30-track, 90-minute concept album had more than enough material to allow the self-described “hard pop” outfit to sit back and relax for a while, Telethon wasted no time before writing seven more songs for another release.

Today, Telethon announced they’ll be releasing a new EP, Modern Abrasive, on November 9 via their Halloween Records label. In accordance with the announcement, the band also put out a goofy video for the EP’s title track. “Modern Abrasive” finds Telethon bouncing around Bay View and unearthing instruments in a number of unexpected and entertaining ways. Once they’ve collected the appropriate equipment, they return to their basement to perform. Along the way, the boys jump into Lake Michigan, do a dance routine in an alleyway, and do their best Brady Bunch impersonation.

Before Telethon releases Modern Abrasive on November 9 (and prior to their performance at this Sunday’s Milwaukee Record Halftime Show), watch the video for “Modern Abrasive” below.

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