Milwaukee-by-way-of-the-world rapper Juiceboxxx may be divisive, but give him credit: dude doesn’t give up. Take the video for “Walking In Milwaukee,” which finds the longtime MC and energy drink purveyor tirelessly hoofing around his hometown, toting a pole with a microphone on one end and a camera on the other. Directed by Jack Packard—best known for his videos for Funny Or Die and his video game reviews for Red Letter Media—the clip is as deceptively simple as the song it accompanies. “Can’t get out ’cause I never went in / I’m deep in the game but I know I won’t win,” spouts Juice at one point, continuing his streak of hard-luck/can’t-stop-won’t-stop lyrics.

“Walking In Milwaukee” will be included on Juiceboxxx’s upcoming album HEARTLAND 99, due out June 9 on his Thunder Zone label. Somewhere, Mike Jacobs is marking his calendar. [via The Fader]