On Wednesday, May 20, WTMJ-TV news anchor Mike Jacobs will retire. Jacobs’ 37-year run at WTMJ—the longest single-station tenure by an anchor in Milwaukee TV history—has been filled with indelible highlights: reporting from Rome on the death of Pope John Paul II, reporting from Atlanta on the bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics, reporting from a women’s prison for some reason. Ever since Jacobs announced his retirement in March, Channel 4 has been looking back on the anchor’s career with respect and affection. It’s certainly well-deserved.

But a 37-year career on television can’t be all highlights, of course, which is where we come in. What follows are eight not-so-notable moments in Jacobs’ notable career, from the charmingly odd to the downright weird. (Fun fact: According to Duane Dudek, Jacobs’ first day at WTMJ was the day Elvis Presley died; his last will be the day David Letterman retires. Huh!)

1. Mike Jacobs crashes a weather forecast

2. Mike Jacobs cleans out the company fridge

3. Mike Jacobs reports on the discovery of a new mammal

4. Mike Jacobs patiently watches a guy work out

5. Mike Jacobs videotapes a dribbling polar bear

6. Mike Jacobs critiques Donald Driver’s dancing

7. Mike Jacobs says “Puuurrrfect!”

8. Mike Jacobs meets Juiceboxxx