The last time we checked in with Andy Warren Jepson (back in March 2021, to be exact), the Wisconsin musician had released a solo album titled Main St. It was, appropriately, recorded in his apartment on Main Street in Racine. Fast-forward nearly a year later, and Jepson is prepping a full-length release with his full-fledged band, Sun Silo. The upcoming record is called Trillium, and the first song is called “Rung.” The song, complete with a found-footage video, dropped last week:

Trillium was made over the course of the past two years,” Jepson tells us. “While some songs were written as far back as seven years ago, others were written months before recording. The songwriting, the recording, mixing, mastering, cover art, and music video for ‘Rung’ were all created by myself. I consider every aspect of making an album to be an opportunity to be creative and independent. The lyrics throughout the album touch on subjects such as mortality, natural phenomena, the subconscious, creativity, and decay.”

Indeed, “Rung” is an alternately terse and cathartic composition, occupying a dreamy space between action and reaction, direct experience and memory. The oft-unnerving video goes a long way in setting the mood, too. It’s like a nightmarish cross between a Luis Buñuel film and a box of Super 8 home movies collecting dust in an antique store.

Jepson and bandmates Kimberly Hetelle, Alyssia Wakefield, and Landon Deaton plan to release Sun Silo’s Trillium this spring. It follows the group’s 2019 debut, Paper Cuts.

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Andy Warren Jepson welcomes new album with haunting “Willkommen” video

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