Just two days ago, we posted a lengthy listing of Milwaukee releases we looked forward to hearing in 2018. We knew there were going to be oversights, but we had no idea such a notable omission would be brought to our attention this fast. Platinum Boys are putting out an EP.

We Don’t Dance (Anymore), the rowdy Milwaukee rock outfit’s follow-up to last year’s BUZZ, is a potent three-pack of Platinum Boys songs as you’ve come to know and love them. Title track and EP opener “We Don’t Dance (Anymore)” starts the seven-inch off strong with chugging guitars and a revelrous melody that seems to work in direct opposition of the song’s anti-dancing sentiment. “Keep On/Keepin On” keeps the party going with the band sharing vocal duties on optimistic lyrics about letting the “good times roll every single day.” Waling guitars and frantic drum fills punctuate closer “Oblivious Obvious” to cement this 10-minute effort’s “all killer, no filler” standing.

We Don’t Dance (Anymore) will be released on Six Tonnes De Chair Records out of France on Friday, January 26. That night, Platinum Boys will play a sendoff show at Cactus Club before touring Europe from January 31 through February 24. Before that show and the overseas tour, listen to the new Platinum Boys EP in its entirety, only on Milwaukee Record.

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