The Star Trek franchise will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016. That’s five decades of Star Trek books, Star Trek comics, Star Trek video games, Star Trek action figures, Star Trek conventions, Star Trek erotic fan fiction, and, of course, Star Trek TV series (including the one with Scott Bakula) and Star Trek movies (including the one with the whales). Now, for the first time, Star Trek will beam over to the world of live musical performance with “Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage.”

Coming to Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater Sunday, March 13, 2016, “The Ultimate Voyage” will feature a live symphony orchestra performing some of the most memorable pieces of music from the franchise, including selections from TOS, TNG, The Wrath Of Khan, and, yes, the one with the whales. Footage from the series and films will be simultaneously projected in HD on a 40-foot wide screen. If you’ve ever wanted to see that snarky shit-eating grin Riker busts out every time he’s about to get lucky blown up to 40 feet, you’re in luck.

Reserved seating tickets are $39.59, $49.50, or $75, and go on sale Friday, November 13 at noon. No word yet on whether the show will feature that little flute ditty Picard learned after spending an entire lifetime on Kataan in “The Inner Light,” or this: