We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Milwaukee has stepped its music video game up considerably in recent years. Just as local filmmakers were beginning to truly find their footing with inventive, cinematic, and just plain good music videos, a band called Space Raft was capturing its fair share of acclaim in Milwaukee and beyond with its boisterous brand of displaced ’70s-era classic rock. Even Bernie Sanders is a fan.

Following the recent release of Space Raft‘s rock solid sophomore record, Rubicon, the band—which isn’t typically known for its groundbreaking visuals—just added to the city’s ever-growing reel of innovative and altogether enjoyable videos with “Hang On Hang On.” Filmed last month in the basement of Kevin Meyer, who owns Dusty Medical Records (which has Space Raft on its roster), the video utilized a camera with 360 degree filming capabilities to capture every inch of the action. By scrolling left, right, up, and down, the viewer gets to decide what portion of the raucous basement party they wish to watch.

The band recommends watching the video on a phone or tablet for the best results. We recommend turning the volume way up, because the only thing better than this crazy video for “Hang On Hang On” is the song itself.

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