If you like ska music and live anywhere in or around the Midwest, you almost certainly know and love Something To Do. The Milwaukee-Madison project has been playing out regularly and releasing music since 2003, surviving changing musical trends and a few lineup changes in the process.

Though S2D is now one of the state’s longest-running bands and a certified veteran in the ska-punk genre, the band isn’t resting on its laurels. In fact, the seven-piece outfit is less than a week removed from the release of its brand new album, Here Comes The Panic. Today, Something To Do chased that album—and preceded Friday’s release show at X-Ray Arcade—by putting out a brand new video for one of the record’s standout singles.

As you might’ve guessed, “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls” is a direct nod to Titanic. Bassist/vocalist Nate Tredinnick says the song is written from the perspective of Kate Winslet’s character in the blockbuster film.

“I had the phrase ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ stuck in my brain and ended up thinking about and identifying with her character in the movie a lot,” Tredinnick says. “You know, feeling like you’re getting old and wanting attention.”

While a Titanic trailer-spoofing angle was considered for the song’s music video, the complexity (and potential legal ramifications) of such a concept resulted in the band going in a simpler and decidedly more artistic direction. Instead of paying any further tribute to the film, the band gathered at Arté Bar & Painting in Wauwatosa for a wine-fueled painting session.

With the help of director/editor Cole McCormack and supporting roles by area actors Katie Katschke and Justin Russo, Something To Do pulled off a fun, lively, and paint-splattered music video shoot over the course of one night. Between the the lively song with the catchy Titanic-themed chorus, the hilarious video, and the unique concept, you’ll feel like the king of the world when you watch Something To Do’s “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls” music video. Check it out before Friday’s release show at X-Ray Arcade.

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