You know him, you love him, and if you’re a regular local news viewer, you invite him into your home on a daily basis. Yes, this week we were thrilled to talk to the one and only Ted Perry. The FOX6 anchor has been a reliable and welcome presence in Milwaukee media for more than 20 years, presenting the news, being funny on Twitter, checking out shows, and sharing his own views and opinions via his regular “Teditorials”—a rarity for local anchors. Milwaukee Record’s Matt Wild and Tyler Maas dropped by Perry’s house one lovely Monday afternoon and recorded this podcast on his back porch (you’ll have to excuse the occasional lawn mower). Topics discussed included Perry’s background, the role of TV news in an ever-changing media landscape, the media’s response to the recent shootings in Virginia, what constitutes news and what doesn’t, hate mail, “Weird Al,” the FOX6 snow stick, why FOX6 has nothing to do with Fox News, why Perry is sick of talking about car crashes, his love for Milwaukee band Buffalo Gospel, and much, much more.

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