It’s been a minute (or two) since we heard from Rose Of The West, a moody Milwaukee dream-pop project led by singer Gina Marie Barrington. The group released its eponymous debut record in 2019; that same year, one of the songs from that record, “Roads,” found its way onto the Netflix series Impulse. (A previous single, “Hunter’s Will,” was featured in the Netflix series You.) Now, a full four years later, Rose Of The West is back! With a new song! And a new video! And a new record later this summer!

Feast your ears and eyes on “Come And Find Me,” a song “written in L.A. at a time of simultaneous social unrest and social distancing.” And if some of the lyrics sound familiar, that’s because the song doubles as an homage to two of the greats: Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.

“Come And Find Me” is the lead single from Rose Of The West’s upcoming album No Things Permanent, which is set for a September 8 release on Communicating Vessels. Welcome back, ROTW!

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Rose Of The West puts the petal to the metal after slow, calculated start

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