Back in January, the second annual Riverwest FemFest brought more than 50 acts to four venues in as many days. Beyond being a great celebration of the outstanding and important things women are doing in Milwaukee music, the grassroots festival also managed to raise more than $10,000 for Date Rape Awareness Milwaukee and Milwaukee Women’s Center.

Just when you thought the female-focused winter affair couldn’t get any better, FemFest organizers have put together 2017’s festivities, which will take place at a variety of Riverwest venues over five nights in January. The sites haven’t been announced yet, but we now know virtually all the bands, DJs, poets, artists, and comedians who will be taking part the third annual Riverwest FemFest (January 18-22). The daily lineups and schedule will be announced in a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s who’s performing.

Amanda Huff
Apollo Vermouth (Appleton)
Blow Up Dolls
Chvrch ov Misandry
DJ Boyfrrriend
Dusk (Appleton)
Elizabeth Renee Smith
Emma DeBord
Faux Fiction
Fox Face
Gas Station Sushi
Glacial Speed
Goodlanders Comedy Improv
Gynosaur (Madison)
Heavy Hand
Holly And The Nice Lions (Green Bay)
Indigo Kästel
Jen Cintrón
Jenna Knapp
Jovan (Chicago)
Kyndal J
Lutheran Heat (Minneapolis)
Marissa Reyes
Mary Allen & The Perculators (Minneapolis)
Mexican Knives (Detroit, MI)
Ms Lotus Fankh
Olivia Gillingham
Paper Parlor (Duluth, MN)
Plague Walker (Indiana)
Proud Parents (Madison)
Rocket Paloma
Ruth B8r Ginsburg
Saint Lewis and The Smudge
Sam The Poet
Seasaw (Madison)
Sex Scenes
Shelly Schauer
Star Child (Minneapolis)
Sugar Ransom
The Answer Is Yes
The Kickstand Band (Detroit)
Tidal (Lansing, MI)
Zed Kenzo
Zoe Darling

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