This week, reports surfaced from the Green Bay area about a Juggalo “ritualistic memorial” in which a woman is said to have volunteered to have her blood consumed and her pinky finger cut off with a hatchet (and saved to be cooked and eaten later). The man authorities say was responsible for the appendage-removing, blood-drinking, blowtorch-cauterizing events of August 27 was taken into custody over the weekend. Now, the Juggalo rapper who allegedly had a hand (sorry!) in the incident is also behind bars, hereby throwing the fate of his September 17 show at City Lounge into question.

Preston Hyde was reportedly present for the gruesome event and recorded video of it. Hyde—who raps under the “Bloody Ruckus” moniker and claims to be “Wisconsin’s fastest rapper”—managed to elude authorities in their initial attempt to arrest him for violating his probation. According to WBAY, Hyde was eventually taken into custody and booked into Brown County Jail Tuesday night. In all likelihood, the arrest will force Bloody Ruckus to miss his appearance as part of next weekend’s Wicked Wisconsin wrestling show and concert in Cudahy. Adjust your plans accordingly.

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