For nearly a decade, Milwaukee-based label Radiograffiti has been a glitchy godsend for those who prefer their music electronic, challenging, and outside the mainstream. Headed by electronic musician Tyler St. Clair, Radiograffiti has grown to include everyone from U.K. “amigacore” artist Hexadeci to local artists like THE DEMIX, LUXI, and St. Clair’s own Stagediver. For the uninitiated, here’s a taste of the aforementioned “amigacore”:

On Friday, November 9 at 9 p.m., a half-dozen Radiograffiti artists will set up their gear at Club Garibaldi for the label’s annual CAUTION showcase. But the showcase will be more than just a show: an “electronic hardcore vinyl spin” at Rushmor Records will take place before the show, while a “late-night beginner-friendly synth DIY build/hack session” at Modular Addict (2633 S. Kinnickinnic Ave) will take place after. A “synth meet/hang” at Modular Addict is scheduled for the following day.

Here’s the full lineup and event info for this year’s CAUTION, courtesy of Radiograffiti:

Doormouse (FL) – Addict Records
Kingpin of the Addict & Distort labels and the godfather of Midwest hardcore. His latest “Breakcore Beefcakes” with Otto Von Schirach is out now. His “Millions of Dead Wrestlers” 12″ will see a 2019 release on Radiograffiti.

Nullsleep (NYC) – 8bitpeoples
Electronic musician, computer artist, and founder of 8bitpeoples. You may recognize him from the seminal 8bit documentary Reformat The Planet. Nullsleep’s 12″ vinyl follow-up to the “Shadowtravel” 7″ split is set for a 2019 release on Radiograffiti.

Black Lines, Din Sky (MKE) – Radiograffiti
Founder of Radiograffiti and known technological malaise fetishist. His “ – select” 7″ vinyl was released on Radiograffiti in 2017, but who cares though, right? Back to name dropping…

THE DEMIX (MKE) – MELT • Milwaukee Electronic & Experimental Music
High ferocity live music pusher responsible for the creation and curation of the MELT live electronic music series in Milwaukee. The follow-up vinyl 7″ to his “• THE GHOST NETWORK • Act 1” vinyl debut is set for a 2019 release on Radiograffiti.

CCDM (CHI) – Radiograffiti
Aggressive music created using unconventional methods. Absolutely crucial listening. CCDM’s debut vinyl 12″ “Decline” was released on Radiograffiti in 2017.

Hot Science (MKE) – Nice FM
Beat Wizard and twisted sound architect. Purveyor of Teenage Engineering gear. HOW DOES HE DO THIS? The debut 12″ from Hot Science is due in early 2019 on Radiograffiti.

• Free pre-show hangout & electronic hardcore vinyl spin @ Rushmor Records (2635 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.)

• Radiograffiti label showcase @ Club Garibaldi

• Late night D.I.Y. beginner-friendly monosynth hacking @ Modular Addict after the show (2633 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.)

• Milwaukee Synth Meet all day @ Modular Addict the next day

$10 limited presale – $15 after/door

$75 limited D.I.Y. late-night beginner-friendly monosynth build

All tickets come with free CAUTION download SHOW SAMPLER

Limited presale and midnight synth hack tickets can be found HERE

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