Longtime SAFS Crew producer Vincent VanGREAT is expanding his repertoire beyond crafting beats for the veteran rap collective. Before he unleashes UnGREATful this spring, he’s decided to precede the release of his “freshman LP” by casting out a bonus track. Fittingly called “Blast Off,” the track serves as an album appetizer that the self-described “producer/artist/astronaut” has decided to make available.

“Blast Off”—which will not be part of UnGREATful—finds VVG calling on Milwaukee rappers Yo-Dot and Tay Butler (both of Umbrella Music Group) to lay verses atop VanGreat’s multifaceted production work and contagious chorus hook. The entirely self-produced album-to-be will include contributions for a number of Milwaukee rappers and will be released by the city’s own Uni-Fi Records. While you wait for what’s sure to be a satisfying solo venture from a SAFS Crewmember, you can download “Blast Off” for free. If this song didn’t make the final cut, we’re excited to hear what did.

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