It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Milwaukee musicians Jeff Grabo and Phil Hoge. As part of the once-busy garage-rock outfit The Rashita Joneses, the duo played oodles of shows, released a handful of records, and organized a four-day festival (Tasty Fest) to celebrate their DIY Tasty Tapes label. The Joneses played their final show at that 2016 fest, and then…silence.

Until now. Grabo and Hoge are ready to unveil their latest musical project, Some Strange Kaleidoscope. But the group is much more than a psych-rock band with an appropriately trippy name; it’s a full-blown multimedia, experimental art project. We’ll let Grabo and Hoge explain:

The duo has been in the warehouse developing videos, audio-responsive DMX light patches, sculptures/paintings/installations, interactive web media, animations, and a number of additional hidden elements to the project. The “Patina Screamer” album art exists outside of the digital rendering as a physical installation of carpentry and acrylic, supplemented via an oil on canvas backdrop, repurposed from espresso rucksacks.

About “Patina Screamer.” It’s the first single from Some Strange Kaleidoscope, and it’s a swirling, careening, head-bopping earworm. Listen to the track (mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering) now:

More Some Strange Kaleidoscope news (including a video) is expected soon. In the meantime, check out the project’s website, which is a trip all by itself.