Hey Milwaukee! The 2020 Partisan Primary Election is on Tuesday, August 11. Are you stoked to choose which Democratic nominee will get a shot at becoming the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds this fall? (It’s the only contested, county-wide race this election.) Hell yeah you are.

Okay, so it’s not the flashiest election out there, but it will determine who moves on to the big 2020 Fall General Election on November 3. (That one’s gonna be a doozy.) Plus, you should get in the habit of voting in every single election that you possibly can.

Anyway, for this one, you can only vote in one political party: Democrat or Republican. There’ll be a ton of uncontested and write-in races for both parties, so only the contested races (in Milwaukee and Milwaukee County) will be listed below. Find out where to vote, how to vote, and what your ballot will look like HERE. Do it now!


Milwaukee County Register Of Deeds

(From Vote411: “The Milwaukee County Register of Deeds records and provides access to certified copies of birth, death and marriage records, real estate documents, corporation papers, and military discharges and other documents. Voters elect the county register of deeds to serve a four-year term in partisan elections.”)

John F. Weishan Jr.
John F. Weishan, Jr. was elected County Supervisor in April of 2000 and re-elected in 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2018.

Supervisor Weishan is a life-long resident of West Allis and is a graduate of West Milwaukee High School. Before serving on the County Board, he served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps from 1991 to 1995. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the UW–Milwaukee.

Supervisor Weishan serves as Chair of the Committee on Transportation, Public Works & Transit, and also serves as a member of the Economic and Community Development Committee.

John and his wife Karen have two children, Maddalyn and John Noah. They reside in the city of West Allis.

Israel Ramon
On May 10th, 2019 Governor Tony Evers appointed Israel “Issy” Ramón as the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds. Prior to his appointment, the Office had been raided by the FBI for alleged criminal wrongdoing by the prior Register of Deeds. Ramón made a commitment to Governor Evers and the residents of Milwaukee County that he would cleanup the Office by making it ethical, transparent, and accountable to the public.

Since his appointment, Ramón has begun the process of reforming the ROD Office. Ramón has instituted new rules relating to the payment of invoices, handling of disbursements and cashiering procedures. Ramón has redrafted all existing software and technology contracts to protect Milwaukee County residents and our real estate data. He has instituted mandatory customer service training for the ROD Office staff so that they are accountable and that Milwaukee County residents are treated in a professional, helpful and courteous manner. Ramón collaborated with the County Treasurer and Comptroller as well as Corporation Counsel to make sure that the ROD Office is complying with all fiscal and legal obligations in its operations.

In making the appointment, Governor Evers noted, “Israel Ramón is the kind of principled, organized, and thoughtful leader needed to run the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds Office… With his deep ties to the community and decades of service in the private sector, often serving some of the most vulnerable populations, I am confident Israel will be an exemplary public servant and is the best candidate to lead the Register’s office.”

Israel Ramón is a lifelong Democrat and member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee County Democratic Party. He is a 1994 graduate of Marquette University Law School. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, magna cum laude, in Management and Business. Ramón grew up in a union household with his father being a member of Laborers Local 152 in Chicago, IL. Prior to being appointed Register of Deeds, he was a partner in public sector labor and injury law firms. For twenty-five years, he represented injured and disabled workers and union members throughout Wisconsin.

Ramón is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, a Fellow of the Wisconsin Law Foundation, the Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association, the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (Legislative Committee), the Property Records Industry Association (Best Practices Committee), the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, the ACLU of Wisconsin, Citizens Action of Wisconsin and Voces de la Frontera, and the Milwaukee Water Commons – Water Equity Task Force.

He was formerly on the Boards of the ACLU of Wisconsin, Voces de la Frontera C4, Felmers O. Chaney Correctional Institute’s Citizens Advisory Board, and the Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association.

Wisconsin Assembly – District 8

JoAnna Bautch
JoAnna Bautch is running to be our 8th District State Representative to put people first. She believes that by working together, we can make our community healthier, ensure a quality education for all of our children, keep our neighborhoods safe, and create more economic opportunity for everyone. She is ready to work on the community on day one!

JoAnna is a community organizer and communications professional who has spent her career working with advocacy and non-profit organizations across Milwaukee. She was born and raised on Milwaukee’s near south side and has deep roots here in our community.

JoAnna comes from a hard working family. Her grandmother, Alicia, was a migrant farm worker from Eagle Pass, Texas, who moved her family to Wisconsin because she believed there were better economic opportunities for her and her family in the dairy state.

Growing up in Milwaukee, JoAnna attended and graduated from Milwaukee Public Schools and then received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Alverno College in Milwaukee.

As a community organizer with the Reproductive Justice Collective, JoAnna advocated for women of color and worked to strengthen the grassroots voting power of Milwaukee’s near south side. JoAnna continued her community centered work at the United Community Center (UCC), where she led communications efforts focused on uplifting the education, economic development, and health of our south side neighbors. While at UCC, JoAnna received a Rising Leader award from the Hispanic Professional of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) for her work.

Currently, JoAnna serves as a Director at Citizen Action of Wisconsin, working to achieve the mission of social, economic, and environmental justice. By engaging directly with our community members in this role, JoAnna understands the challenging issues we face and the action that must be taken to help us all thrive.

JoAnna also serves as a Board Member for three local nonprofits, the Milwaukee Water Commons, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, and True Skool, an arts-focused nonprofit collaborative dedicated to empowering youth and families.

JoAnna is also an out and proud member of the LGBTQ community. As a young, out, Latina, she brings a unique perspective that is much needed in government today. She is poised and ready to be a voice for each and every person in our community.

Sylvia Ortiz Velez
I was born and raised on Milwaukee’s South Side and I take great pride in our hardworking community. I will always fight for our neighborhood, and want to continue to make our neighborhood a better place to work and live.

Prior to your electing me Milwaukee County Supervisor, I spent more than a decade as a community volunteer in our neighborhood. For many years I operated a small business. I obtained a degree in Political Science from UWM. I wanted to educate myself in creating policies to bring beneficial impact to the people of our community.

As a current Milwaukee County Supervisor, I know our community’s needs and how to address them! Milwaukee County is an arm of the State! Milwaukee County Supervisors deliver services from the state right here on the ground, which gives me a unique perspective and distinguishes me as the most qualified to go to Work on DAY ONE!

I look forward to being able to speak with you soon. I will always remain accessible and willing to listen to you! No one will work harder for you!

Wisconsin Assembly – District 9

Marisabel Cabrera
I was born and raised on Milwaukee’s South Side. My family struggled to get by and, more than once, relied on the neighborhood church for food and other necessities. I became aware at a very early age how difficult life can be for those with little to fall back on when my family resided in Puerto Rico and survived solely on the food we planted, the animals we raised, and the clothes we made. I remember my parents constantly emphasizing that the surest way out of poverty is through a good education and I credit my quality public education for getting me to where I am today. I took my parents’ advice and I earned two bachelor’s degrees from UW-Madison and a law degree from Michigan State University.

Because of my modest childhood, I am committed to working hard and making my community better. I am an entrepeneur, respected immigration attorney, and former chair of both the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s (DPW) Latino Caucus and Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission. Additionally, I am a member of Voces de la Frontera, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), and the National Association of Latino Elected Officials.

I received the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County’s 2016 Rising Star Award for my work as chair of the DPW’s Latino Caucus. In 2018, I received the Community Champion Award from Citizen Action of Wisconsin and was recognized by Madison365 as one of Wisconsin’s Most Powerful Latinos. Most recently, I was appointed Vice Chair of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators 2020 Immigration Task Force.

Christian Saldivar

Wisconsin Assembly – District 11

Dora Drake
Dora Drake is a member of the community who was born and raised in the Graceland neighborhood near Wyrick Park.

She was accepted into the Educational Opportunities Program at Marquette University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Welfare and Justice in 2015.

Shortly after, she became a Pretrial Case Manager at JusticePoint for two years. Dora helped people by finding resources they needed such as housing and employment. She, with the help of colleagues and YWCA of Southeast WI, also implemented a racial-bias training for JusticePoint’s employees statewide. Dora also facilitated trauma-informed response training sessions for those who work in the justice system.

As Dora was looking for other ways to advocate for the community , she landed as the campaign manager for Shyla Deacon’s campaign for MPS School Board in District 1. Even though the campaign lost in the 2019 Spring election by small a margin, Dora gained a deeper insight about the challenges teachers, children, and families face surrounding education and what’s at stake for the future of our children.

Dora currently works as a Member Service Coordinator at the Center for Self Sufficiency where she provides re-entry services to support those who are re-entering society.

But with our community facing a global pandemic, we need someone who will take initiative to advocate and create solutions that addresses the challenges we face in the community.

This is why Dora is running.

She is someone who can build bridges and work with others to get the job done. Dora is dedicated to serving the community uniting everyone in hope to rebuild and strengthen communities for the future.

Dora lives near James Madison High School where she is close to her family. She is the oldest of 8 siblings and is a worship singer at New Horizons Integrated Ministries. She also loves the arts and was a cast member in Capita Productions “We Are the Drum” over the past 2 years.

Carl Gates
We have lost faith in our elected leaders. It is more important now than ever to elect people to local offices who understand we have to take care of our business at home. Carl Gates lives in the D-11 District of North Milwaukee. This is where he owns a home and runs a small business. Carl has worked in financial services for many years. He has a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. As a single father of 3, now grown children, Carl knows the struggle that comes with health crises, job loss, and the lack of access to good education. Carl has focused his life to understanding and helping people through substance abuse and family crises that affect the quality of life we all deserve.

This is why Carl’s slogan is We The People. We are all in this neighborhood together and we need a representative in Madison that listens to us and takes our concerns and interests to the State House on our behalf. It is more important than ever that we hold our state and local leaders and administrators accountable. This is why Carl Gates is running for State Assembly in District 11. He wants to be accountable to you, the residents, his neighbors, the business and community leaders, and help you as you work together for the benefit of this community. Vote for Carl Gates in the Primary on August 11th. Elect a neighbor to represent your cause in Madison. Every vote counts.

Tomika Vukovic
Tomika Vukovic was born and raised in Milwaukee, and now lives in Glendale with her husband Mike and their daughter Jada. She graduated from Shorewood High School and attended UW- Platteville.

Curtis Cook II
When I was 18, I climbed Mount Everest. Not literally — I metaphorically climbed the highest mountain on Earth by starting my own retail business.

While I was hiking, I thought about quitting approximately 5,000 times. (And that’s a lowball estimate.) But despite the high winds, low altitude, mental and physical fatigue, and trail mix overdose, I kept going. I’m that person. Once I say I’ll do something, it will happen. That perseverance is something I learned from my parents as a kid.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I am the youngest of five children. My mother was born and raised here in Milwaukee. With that, she grew a sense of optimism that Milwaukee was a place where she could pursue her dreams. My father was born in Dayton, Ohio and at a young age, came to Milwaukee so his family could access better opportunities.

I grew up in neighborhoods where there were too many barriers to success and too few opportunities to get ahead. I was still able to experience many good things. Whether it be the vibrancy of the neighborhoods or pride in our communities. Either way we must account for the disparities we face in our future. Unemployment, lack of resources and poverty plagues our neighborhoods and is something we all feel viscerally, everyday.

Unfortunately, there are two sides to my story. I’ve been blessed to live a middle-class life. Life-sustaining wages and benefits to support the entire family made life simpler. But at the beginning of the 2008 recession my middle-class life was thrown into a downward spiral. My mother became a single parent and lost her job. We made just enough to not make it. Access to effective resources were limited and we had to figure it out.

Stories like mine are unfortunately far too popular in our community, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now, I plan to put that perseverance I learned to work everyday as your representative. While managing this new excursion I won’t have to climb any mountains…but I will have to move them. I’m deciding to run for the 11th District State Assembly seat because I think we should have somebody in Madison that is focused on giving all of us the access to opportunities we need to get ahead and move up the economic ladder.

Wisconsin Assembly – District 17

Mike Brox
In these unprecedented times, I will fight to see that businesses and families receive the financial support they need to weather this storm. My number one priority will be to see that your needs are met immediately during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Across Wisconsin, we have seen historic cuts to our K-12 schools, tech colleges, and the UW-System, I will fight against these cuts and for more funding in our public education system.

The Coronavirus has placed us in unchartered waters. I promise to expand healthcare to include people with disabilities, our seniors, as well as counseling to help families and individuals address the tremendous strain both mentally and financially on the community.

Supreme Moore Omokunde
Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde was first elected by the 10th District Community on April 7, 2015, and re-elected in 2016 and 2018.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Supervisor Moore Omokunde learned the values of community and social empowerment through his parents, Rev. Dr. Tolokun Omokunde and Congresswoman Gwen Moore. From an early age, he has dedicated himself to the advancement of social justice and spent many years working for the betterment of his community before becoming a county supervisor.

Supervisor Moore Omokunde has received training in community leadership through the national AmeriCorps program, Public Allies, the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Riverwest Neighborhood Association, and served on the board of directors for TRUE Skool. Prior to joining the Milwaukee County Board, he served as the community organizer for the Sherman Park Community Association where he worked with block clubs, established the Friends of Sherman Park group and helped to formulate a Neighborhood Improvement District.

The 10th District is strong in character and opportunity, and Supervisor Moore Omokunde hopes to meld together the community’s strengths and challenges in an effort to create a more united neighborhood.

Supervisor Moore Omokunde is Chair of the Health and Human Needs Committee and a member of the budget-setting Finance and Audit Committee. He also serves on the Milwaukee Public Museum Board of Directors and on the Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission.

Chris Walton
Chris Walton is running to be our State Representative because our community needs a leader we can trust that will stand with the people. As the current Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, Chris has a proven record of fighting for our progressive Democratic values and working to achieve justice for all Wisconsinites. We need Chris representing us in Madison to focus on advancing racial equity, creating more economic opportunity, making sure all children can get a quality education, and reducing the cost of quality healthcare.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Chris grew up having a deep passion and interest in politics. He became heavily involved in politics, working on campaigns for President Barack Obama and Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis. He’s worked in roles for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, and the Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Chris received his bachelor’s degree at Mississippi State University in Political Science, History, and African American studies. Chris was elected Chair in 2017, as the youngest chairman in county history and the first openly gay county chair. He is currently the only African-American County Democratic Party Chair in Wisconsin.

Chris’ experience and personal insight allows him to reach deeply into minority communities and speak for those that are underrepresented in our halls of power. In the Assembly, Chris will fight for resources for our community, more good-paying jobs, a strong education system, reforms to our criminal justice system, and access to quality, affordable health care for all.

Wisconsin Assembly – District 82

Jacob Malinowski
I was born in Greendale, and I’ve spent my entire life in the same house on Oakwood Street. I walked to school on our sidewalks and I had my first few jobs in our neighborhoods. Experience isn’t just a resume — it’s about facing the same challenges and fighting for the same opportunities as the people you want to represent.

My middle class family works hard: my father is a carpenter, and his dad owned a union shop in Milwaukee. I paid for college by working three jobs — including one at McDonald’s for minimum wage. My grandfather always used to say, “Less talk, more action,” and I believe we need a leader in Madison who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and actually get things done.

Because of the amazing teachers in our public schools, I graduated from Greendale High School and earned a degree from Yale. One of my favorite teachers at GHS once told me, “You don’t have to be the smartest person in every room — just smart enough to know who is.”

I served on the Greendale School Board, and every year I volunteer with a veterans organization to teach young men about our country’s values. I believe our state assemblyman ought to show up and advocate for everyone — not just big donors and party insiders. I give out my personal phone number publicly because I want to hear from you and I don’t shy away from a good conversation even if we don’t agree.

Paul McCreary
Paul is a Wisconsinite by choice, he has lived in the Franklin area for over a decade. Paul met his wife Kaitlin here and founded his business here. He loves Southeastern Wisconsin and hopes to give back through public service. Paul currently runs two small businesses, a medical device consulting firm and a liqueur brand company.

Paul was raised in a small, rural town. His father was a security guard and his mother was a beautician. They didn’t have much, but Paul learned from his parents the value of hard work and giving back. Paul paid for college through a combination of hard work, scholarship, and loans; eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of California in Santa Barbara, and is currently completing his master’s in business administration from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Paul has dedicated his career to helping others, initially as a first responder and EMT; then as a medical device engineer, producing products that save people’s lives every day. Paul also cofounded a business to produce and sell liqueurs.


Representative In Congress District 4

Tim Rogers
Milwaukee is where I was born and raised, where I work, and have a family.

I graduated from North Division High School in 1978 and went on to study at UW-Parkside and MATC. My father and uncle owned Rogers and Rogers Soul Brothers Supermarket, a grocery store on the north side.

It was during a time when running a business meant serving the community and helping your neighbors. They taught me the importance of small business and how to help my community.

Running for political office is not how I normally spend my free time. I have worked for almost 30 years delivering gift baskets and newspapers for two local businesses. Outside of work, I spend my time volunteering in my community and participating in the All Saints Catholic Choir and MPS Alumni Choir.

Cindy Werner
Meet Cindy Werner – a small business owner (Great American Comfort Shoes Inc), Christian, mother of 7, Grass roots Republican activist, Civic leader (former School Board Trustee), Army Veteran.

Cindy Werner grew up with 12 brothers and sisters and was raised by a single mom (her dad passed away when she was young). Werner’s mother worked two jobs to buy a home and get her family out of the housing projects. She taught her children the importance of giving back to others, often with the refrain that “to those whom much is given, much is expected in return.” Being raised by a strong, God fearing woman led Werner to a life dedicated to helping people regardless of their circumstances.

Cindy Werner proudly served in the US Army where she learned the importance of working with a diverse population. This skillset still serves her today.

She knows what it takes to get hard work done. Through “Women Off Welfare,” Werner worked tirelessly to provide welfare recipients with access to training and meaningful careers. She has served in the healthcare, education and housing industries, always with a focus on improving the lives of those whom she has served.

Cindy Werner has worked with elected officials to bring about real welfare reform through programs that provide a hand up, not a handout. She is a strong proponent of providing technical training to give people knowledge and skills that will lead to good paying jobs, reduced government dependence, and brighter futures for all.

Perhaps her most important “titles” are those of Christian and mother. Now a grandmother (and a “mom” to numerous others that refer to her as such through her mentor work), her life continues to grow. As a member of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, her walk with God continues to grow and her faith is continually deepened.

Throughout life, Cindy has had success and set backs as a small business owner, she understands the plight of the homeless as she has experienced such firsthand in her life. Cindy has been married, widowed and has seven children and three wonderful grandchildren and it is about the future of our country. As a parent and grandparent, citizen of this country it is extremely important that we look beyond our life and remember that this greatest gift of God called the United States of America must be preserved for future generations. Cindy feels it is worth fighting for and that is why she is seeking to serve in the US Congress.

Today, Cindy Werner is asking for your support, asking that you join her in moving Congressional District 4 forward towards a brighter day. If you are tired of waiting and waiting for change, then join us! If you are tired of things not getting better in Congressional District 4 then join us! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then join us! Join us and together we will make Congressional District 4 a more promising and prominent place to live and work!

Wisconsin Assembly – District 8

Angel Sanchez

Ruben Velez

Wisconsin Assembly – District 82

Ken Skowronski

Theodore Kafkas

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