There are dozens of suggestive and vaguely inappropriate puns we could deploy when writing about Milwaukee hardcore punk band Sex Scenes. But, other than the headline, we’ll spare you. It’s enough to say that the feedback- and beer-drenched group is back, new and improved, and supremely pissed off. Or, according to the title of the band’s new three-song, five-minute EP, Fed Up.

In the new-and-improved department, Sarah Turbo takes over vocal duties for the band, which first formed in 2016. Joining her are Sex Scenes (and Milwaukee music scene) vets Harrison Colby (guitar), Connor LaMue (bass), and Gregg Twigg (drums). The quartet commences Fed Up with the teeth-kicking title track, a 90-second shot of alternately thrash-y and chugging punk goodness. “I can’t take it / I’ve had it up to my neck,” Turbo howls. “This drama, this static / I’ve had it, I’ve had it.” Second track “I’m Not Your T.V.” finds the singer blasting an enamored admirer (“I’m not your T.V. / You should entertain me / I’m at my job / Leave me alone.”) Finally, “The Harder I Try” mixes Turbo’s bleak lyrics (“‘I’m giving up / Because there’s nothing left to give”) with a glowering slab of hardcore. And yes, it’s all over in five minutes.

Fed Up was recorded and mixed by the band, and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. “Consider this a teaser for more shit to drop next year,” Colby says in a social media post. Stay tuned.

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