Depending on your age, your first exposure to sex likely involved one of the following: finding a stack of Playboys in the woods; watching a scrambled Skinemax channel on TV; the internet. Whatever that portal into the world of prurient passion may have been, the experience was likely both a thrilling and terrifying one. Enter Milwaukee’s Sex Scenes, a new group that approximates that scandalous feeling, and gives the city a much needed shot of noise and sleaze.

Sex Scenes features Zach Otto on vocals, Harrison Colby on guitar, Connor LaMue on bass, and Chelsea Hays on drums. Milwaukeeans will recognize Colby and LaMue from NO/NO and Bad Wig, respectively, though Otto and Hays are relatively new to music. (In promotional materials, Otto is cheekily listed as the roommate of Midnight Reruns member Karl Giehl, while Hays’ past band experience is credited to Fuel Cafe.) The group’s three-song demo, Braindead, was recorded just last week in the old Klement’s Sausage Factory (home to other Colby projects). A full-length album is planned before the end of the year.

Before Sex Scenes plays High Dive Tuesday, October 11; Frank’s Power Plant Wednesday, October 12; and night two of the Gloss Records Halloween Spooktacular, listen to the bracing Braindead now, only on Milwaukee Record.

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