If you’ve been out and about in recent weeks—say, at Gloss Weekend or Sunday’s Locust Street Festival—you’ve probably spied the name “Sex Scenes” among the usual Milwaukee musical suspects. And if you’ve actually seen Sex Scenes in action, you know that the band’s name isn’t the only eye-catching thing about it. Featuring Zach Otto on vocals, Harrison Colby (NO/NO) on guitar, Connor LaMue (Bad Wig) on bass, and Chelsea Hays on drums, the group is a throwback to the sweaty and scream-y hardcore of old, but with a noisy and delightfully sleazy modern-day twist. You’re not going to get pummeled at a Sex Scenes show, but you wouldn’t want to take your mom to one, either.

Now, eight months after releasing a three-song demo entitled Braindead (song titles: “Braindead,” “Smudge,” “Snatch”), Sex Scenes is prepping a proper five-song EP entitled Swallow. A limited run of 100 silver cassettes will be released June 20 on Colby’s Gloss Records. (You can pre-order now.) Before the 20th, take a listen to an alternately chaotic and druggy Swallowed track, “Warm Ups.” Like the song says, feel alive (but don’t die).

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