A lot has changed for Negative/Positive since we last checked in in 2019. The longtime three-piece has become a four-piece, old members have left and new ones have entered, and the group has shed any remaining remnants of its “teen-band-that-formed-at-Girls-Rock-Milwaukee-2013” past. So what’s on Negative/Positive’s mind in 2021? Oh, just the ever-quickening death of our planet and the malicious ineptitude of older generations who refuse to do anything about it.

“We’re paying for the replacement of mass graves where rainforests used to stand / And yet we congratulate ourselves for all of the damage we’ve done to this land,” Ava Gessner sings in the pointed “How To Kill A Rock.” Later, things get even more pointed:

You’re turning the heat up but we’re the ones sweating
This is our burden to bear and you couldn’t care less
This is your mess that we have to clean up
We won’t forget

“How To Kill A Rock” comes from Negative/Positive’s upcoming debut album. All download proceeds from the song will go to the Rainforest Foundation US. Oh, and look for the premiere of an accompanying music video at 7 p.m. CST tonight.

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