Back in 2016, we introduced you to Nastos. Since then, the side project of Piles bassist Nolan Truttschel released an album and two EPs, recruited a band to accompany him, and put Piles in his rear view mirror to focus on the lighter output from the newer venture. On April 21, Nastos will play a free Record Store Day show at Acme Records & Music Emporium that will double as the release show for Nastos’ latest release, Inherited Dreams.

Fittingly, “Firsts” brings the 10-song effort into motion. Adding to its name, the bleary and guitar-driven opener signals what’s to come on the record. The hastened “Moron Boy” brings a shift in tempo—provided by Nolan’s brother and drummer Aaron Truttschel—that pairs well with his sibling’s piercing guitar work and minimal, emotionally-wrought vocals. While re-recorded in Truttschel’s home studio with Andrea Hawthorne playing bass and Michael Sambar on synths, Inherited Dreams features new versions of some songs on last year’s Inviting Waters EP. Among them is “Down Hear,” a fragile and dreamlike offering that’s set before the fuzzy, Piles-adjacent wake-up call of “Hold You Up” and “Tyme.”

The storm of distortion abruptly clears “Comfort,” an aptly-named instrumental song that serves as a soothing palate cleanser before the album’s anthemic and oddly-optimistic closing track, “Fucked Up,” brings the record to an end. Before Saturday’s Acme Records release show, you can listen to Nastos’ Inherited Dreams in its entirety below.

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