The first time we encountered the music of Milwaukee musician Murphy Kaye, we were driving in our car while WMSE was playing the positively terrific “Headlong.” That song still rules (as does its followup, “Joyride”), but Kaye’s sound has evolved in the last year or two. The new “Where’d You Wake Up” is a stark departure from the pared-down, DIY Kaye of old. Instead, it’s an expansive and full-bodied creation brimming with sweeping violins, ice-cold beats, and bracing lyrics like “You’re where the fault lies / Pick on your own size / You know you’re wrong.” Take a listen:

“Where’d You Wake Up” was co-written with Mark J. Soriano, and features Soriano on guitar, Shane Olivo on bass, Ku Mays on drums and loops, Cathy Kolb on violin, Janalyn Rose on keyboards, and Brett J.B. on backing vocals. Want to hear Kaye and Soriano talk about the song’s creation? Watch the video below:

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