Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup. Want to hear us discuss a few of this month’s releases on WUWM’s Lake Effect? Click HERE.


Ahab’s Ghost – Curse

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Protons And Electrons

Field Report – Under Glass

Field Report – How We Tell It Now

Flat Teeth – Silent Seconds

Future Plans – s/t

Gnarrenschiff / Come Holy Spirit – split

The Haskels – s/t (1979)

Haunter – Halloween EP II

Hot By Ziggy – Lemon Aid

J-Lamo – Born & Raised

Klassik – QUIET

L’Resorts – Trying To Christmas

Lack Of Reason – Haven’t Got A Clue

Lil Chicken – Billy

Lorelai – s/t

LUXI – Down To Earth

Masquerade – demo

Max Devereaux & Suko Pyramid – Tres

Mortgage Freeman – It’s All A Wash

Mute Gospel – In Reach

Nepenthe – Demons

NilexNile – Treason Youth

The Old Prospectors – Eureka!

Genesis Renji – Keefe

Snag – s/t

So Zuppy – Homesick Mountain

Social Caterpillar – Start A Fire That Sings You A Song

Testa Rosa – IV

Warhola Cats – Eros + Vibes

Whiskey And The Devil – Heavy Hitter

Xposed 4Heads – Ultra Cloud

Yipes! – Redux


Honey Creek – “The Time It Took”

Amanda Huff – “Division”

Negative/Positive – “Rebel Girl”

Some Strange Kaleidoscope – “Glass Oven”

Trolley – “I’ll Never Tell”

Wavy V – “The Fools Have Gone To Bed”


Cashfire Sunset – “Blood Wave”

Chicken Wire Empire – “Peggy-O”

Pete Freeman – “Song About Nothing”

Honey Creek – “Green Line”

L’Resorts – “Shutdown Mode”

LUXI – “Sick Of U (Be What I Wanna)”

NilexNile – “If You Down”