Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup. (Want to hear us discuss a few selections on WUWM’s Lake Effect? Click HERE.)


Alternative Radio – Dead On Arrival

Billy Dreamer – Ass Hotel

Complex Machine – Cut Loose

DaveKevinAdam & Max Mroz – Lonely Cactus 3

Eric Blowtorch And The Dread City All-Stars – God’s Will Be Done

Illicit Eagle – Illegible Eagle

Kia Rap Princess – Chapter X

Lost Tribes Of The Moon – Chapter II: Tales Of Strife, Destiny, And Despair

NeoCaveman – Sun Eater

Nyx – s/t


Brett J.B. – “Do I Know You?”

Brett Newski – “I’ll Go Under The Weather To Get You Over The Moon”

Cozy Danger – “Fuck Yeah Get It Girl”

D.B. Rouse – “Prickly Pair”

Diet Lite – “Stuck Again”

Guerrilla Ghost – “I Don’t Like People Playing On My Phone”

Hurd & Galante – “Mississippi Sundown Again” / “I Aint Your Dad And I Aint Dead”

Joseph Huber – “Dog Days”

Josh Evert – “Another Deity”

LUXI – “Dream Girl”

Meltwater Pulse – “We Were Friends”

Social Caterpillar – “Anti-Prayer” / “Senseless Like A Sun”


Convert – “Slow Choke”

Diet Lite – “Stuck Again”

Guerrilla Ghost “Fifth Heaven” feat. NilexNile & Taiyamo Denku

Huey V – “More Love”

Immortal Girlfriend – “Seeker”

Jon Henry – “All About Our Love”

Kia Rap Princess – “Talk My Shit” feat. King Kamonzi & DJ Breez

Klassik – No Wake! (Episode 2)

Lil Trav – “Right Or Wrong”

Protegé – “Heartbeat” feat. Traxx Sanders

REYNA – “You Could At Least Say Goodbye”

Scarlet – “Not My Home”

Social Caterpillar – “Anti-Prayer”

Xposed 4Heads – “Suggestion Box”

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