Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup.


CRLSS – 808’s & A Lack Of Faith

Chopping Mall – Mauled By A Magical Bear With Scalding Hot Liquid Cheese Spraying From Its Eyesockets

Cullah – Cullahtivation

Taiyamo Denku – Kollab Kong

Max Devereaux – Max Devereaux Sings The Blues

Devil Met Contention – Wait

Nicholas Elert – Brittle Frames

The End, I Love You! – Empty Radio Room

Field Report – Brake Light Red Tide

Pete Freeman – Songs For Smiling

Grasping At Straws – Last One

Chris Haise Band – The Quarantine Tapes

Honey Creek – A Whole Year In Transit

Immortal Girlfriend – RIDE

Mertles Acres – s/t

Moustache Bride – Artificial Absolutist

Nasty Boys – The Cult Of Nasty

Brett Newski – Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down

Ratbatspider – Day Of The Ratbatspider

Reins Daily – Left For Dead

Will Rose – Wilted

Nicholas George Schubert – Quarantunes Vol. 1

Von Alexander – Spring 2020


Jillian’s Revenge – “Everyday Is 420, So Here’s A Regular Song”

Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure – “Patron Saint Of Realness” (demo)

Lifetime Achievement Award – “The Hard Part”

Valerie Lighthart – “Love & Money”

Long Line Riders – “Milwaukee, Here I Come” / “Why Baby Why”

Dramatic Lovers – “Buried” / “Slow Down”

Armstrong Ransome – “For Lovers”

Genesis Renji – “You Should Know”

REYNA – “Coachella”

Something To Do – “Stay Inside”

Todd Umhoefer – “Below The Bellows”

Vinz Clortho – “If It Makes You Happy”


Reggie Bonds – “[LOVE.]”

Devil Met Contention – “Wait”

Devils Teeth – “Drop Down Gator”

Dramatic Lovers – “Slow Down”

Duckling – “Nailz”

Flat Teeth – “Comatose”

Fuzzysurf – “How Do You Decide?” and “Electric Trick”

The Grovelers – “Sicko”

Hughes Family Band – “Death Of Me”

Immortal Girlfriend – “RIDE”

Lorde Fredd33 – “Summer Breeze”

LUXI – “Magic”

Twan Mack – “Marvelous”

Velocihamster – “First Tube”

Xposed 4Heads – “New Wave Apocalypse”