We’ve sung the praises of Mike Schneider in these digital pages before. The titular leader of the Mike Schneider Band has been a local polka fixture since the 1990s, winning a slew of awards and just generally being a swell fellow. His YouTube channel is loaded with delightful performances of polka songs both standard and original. And now, just in time for the holidays, there’s the utterly charming, utterly wholesome “Christmas Kielbasa.” Dig in!

All of Schnieder’s trademarks are on display here: a goofy sense of humor, some wicked accordion playing, and a family-friendly vibe (the video stars his family, after all). Also, Schnieder eats too much of the Polish sausage, gets sick, dies, and leaves his family penniless! Twenty-twenty, right?

“Don’t eat too much kielbasa this Christmas!” Schneider warns in the video’s description. We won’t! We’re still working on those raw beef sandwiches from last Christmas! Thanks for the fun song and video, Mike!

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Please watch these Mike Schneider polka videos, which are wonderful and delightful

Merry Christmas, Milwaukee! Let’s eat some raw beef sandwiches!

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