It’s been a spell since we’ve visited with The Blue Mooners—a.k.a. Spud Butler, a.k.a. former Sat. Nite Duets member Stephen Strupp. Way back in 2014, the country-minded Mooners released a self-titled record that contained the modern classic “Yummy Yummy,” which in turn contained the lyric “Yummy yummy / I saw your butt crack, honey / Now I want to see more.” The lovely and less-butt-obsessed Wildwood followed in 2016, stuffed with songs like “Rhinelander,” “Hodag Country,” and “Minocqua Mama.” A delightfully titled covers album, Deal The Hits, arrived in 2017.

Now, with jokey country artist Roger “King Of The Road” Miller on their minds—because of course someone like Roger Miller would be on their minds—The Blue Mooners are tackling two Miller classics: 1965’s “Do-Wacka-Do,” and 1973’s “Not In Nottingham.” The former is the kind of goofy and utterly infectious number that may or may not be already buried deep in your subconscious; the latter is a ditty from Disney’s Robin Hood, in which Miller voiced the rooster character Alan-a-Dale. Crazy.

Anyway, these covers are great, “Not In Nottingham” features horns from Paper Holland members Sean Hirthe and Glenn McCormick, and Strupp will be performing a solo Blue Mooners set May 27 at Company Brewing during Full Moon Karaoke. Here’s hoping for an eventual cover of “Oo-De-Lally.”

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