Young Milwaukee-bred blues rockers The Bang Bang have quietly been kicking around town since playing their first show last April. Thus far, the quartet has been cutting its teeth by playing semi-regular gigs at bars and clubs around the city in support of locals like Sugar Stems, Something To Do, The Violet Hour, and Low Down Sound. However, March 6 will be The Bang Bang’s time to shine, as the band will release its self-titled debut album at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn.

If you happened to miss The Bang Bang’s handful of outings over the past nine or so months, you may be glad to learn the band was gracious enough to give the public a taste of its forthcoming eight-song release Tuesday by streaming three songs. The trio of tracks showcases the soulful pipes of frontwoman Katie Rash and a backing sound that blends hazy blues riffs with indie rock conventions. Before the release show, feel free to cast a line into one, two, or all three of The Bang Bang’s streams.

Stream “Sweet Melody”

Stream “New Orleans”

Stream “Away”

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