Light Music takes its time. Formed in 2012, the indie rock project with a decidedly electronic bent spent the better part of two years meticulously writing, perfecting, and recording material for a debut album. Then the band sat on that record for a year while seeking label support (which it eventually received from The Record Machine). Since finally releasing the wonderful Ocean’s Daughter, which we named the eighth best Milwaukee album of 2015 last year, the band played but a select few shows in town (the last one being in early February) and has been confusingly quiet for an act with a long-delayed record to get out to the masses. This week, the calculated Light Music broke months of silence with a new music video.

The visual pairing for “Don’t Go Quietly” is a fairly literal interpretation of the song’s lyrics. Shot in midtown Kansas City, Missouri by KC-based director Vanessa McKenzie, it’s a bare-budget compromise of ambitious (and expensive) ideas singer Shae Lappen had with a somber and dreamlike directorial approach that leaves the video’s concept open to interpretation.

“Looking back now, I’m cracking up because I remember [Lappen] saying all of his ideas would cost about $100,000, and I would need twins and an underwater camera,” McKenzie says. “I had a zero dollar budget and no twins.”

Even without twins and expensive underwater equipment, Light Music’s belated video is a fitting rendering for a band that takes its time to make outstanding things. Watch the video for “Don’t Go Quietly” below.

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