The last time we heard from Milwaukee singer-songwriter Martha Cannon she was appearing with musical collaborator Vinnie Kircher on one of the best local records of 2022, L’ResortsExplorers. But Cannon has long released terrific music via her Lady Cannon project, too. Her latest Lady Cannon song, “Ashamed,” is one of her best yet.

“I think about you every day,” Cannon sings in the opening moments of the lazy, hazy, cello-swooning song. “And I think I hate you, I hate you, and then I think I want you back, babe.” Later, she tosses out a few more lyrical gems: “I don’t want to forget you but I might as well / You made it perfectly clear I could go to hell,” and  “Putting on my bravest face tonight / Going to go see a band and pretend I’m alright.”

“Ashamed”—which features instrumental work from Steph Lippert, Barry Paul Clark, and Ellie Jackson, among others—follows a 2021 Lady Cannon single, “Steal Your Girl,” and a 2019 Lady Cannon LP, Fortune’s Darling. Cannon will celebrate the release of a new EP this Saturday at an early, all-ages Cactus Club show.

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