If you’re a regular reader of Milwaukee Record, perhaps you’ve seen one of our “Public Domain” music videos. For those who haven’t caught any of the first 10 installments, the monthly series features bands or solo artists coming to The Back Room at Colectivo‘s Prospect Avenue cafe to adapt a song in the public domain any way they want. From there, Cheston Van Huss of Effigy Media works his directorial magic, and voila, we have a music video.

Though each act, every song choice, and all the adaptations have been drastically different so far, each video has one thing in common: they’ve all been closed shoots. However, with Tigernite preparing to roar into The Back Room for a shoot next month, we thought it would be fitting to break our policy to let the public into our domain to watch one of Milwaukee’s greatest live bands perform one of the world’s best-known songs as it’s never been heard before.

Join Tigernite and Milwaukee Record in The Back Room at Colectivo on Tuesday, April 18. At 6:30 p.m. sharp, we’ll open the doors and let you see how the glam-rockers transformed Stephen Foster’s beloved 1864 standard, “Beautiful Dreamer.” The video won’t be posted until the end of May, so this will give Tiger Knights a sneak peek long before the episode is live. Who knows, maybe you’ll even wind up in the video. If they’re able to knock out the song in a few takes, they could even stay a little longer to play an original song or two. We’ll find out on April 18. The shoot is free to attend and is open to people of all ages.

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