Between the band’s blistering and brutal instrumentation, its menacing and coarse vocals, and even the morbid connotations their name brings, it wouldn’t be all too shocking to hear Hot Coffin in the score of a slasher film. Fittingly, Hot Coffin’s new video has more than a little connection to the horror genre.

Filmed on stage at Oriental Theatre, the video for “Whistle, Hawk & Spit” finds Hot Coffin playing the standout single from its self-titled 2016 record before a small—but steadily growing and increasingly violent—audience that’s wearing creepy masks that bear likeness to the band’s members. Once bound, gagged, and dragged down to the historic cinema’s basement, Hot Coffin is left at the mercy of the four assailants, at least until one member’s unique skill increases (most of) the band’s chances of surviving the ordeal. A scarecrow from Mark Borchardt‘s Coven also makes a brief cameo.

The chilling video was directed and edited by Jed Schlegelmilch of A/P Productions, with singer Chris Chuzles supplying color and effects. Check out the video below, and prepare to never see Oriental Theatre in quite the same way again. You can see Hot Coffin alive and well at Circle A Cafe (November 26) and at Burnhearts’ Three Floyds Punk House Kegger (December 8).

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