Ever find yourself stuck at home with a bunch of unruly children as you await the end of a national quarantine and the green light to go back to work and to send the little rugrats back to school? A purely hypothetical situation, we know. But if you were in that situation, what might you use to entertain said kids for five minutes and 44 seconds?

Enter the latest video creation from Wes Tank, in which the Milwaukee filmmaker/musician raps the text of Fox In Socks by Dr. Seuss over the beats of another doctor, Dr. Dre. Sure, folks have been rapping Dr. Seuss’ iconic tongue twisters for decades, but few have done it with Tank’s stately flow and dapper panache—and ever fewer have done it over the beats from 1999’s “What’s The Difference” and 1993’s “Let Me Ride.” Thank you for a lot of fun, sir.

Need some more Wes Tank goodness? Very well, sir, step this way, we’ll find another video to play.

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