Is your dog troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Does your pooch experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever considered cueing up a 40-minute album of ambient music specifically designed for sleeping dogs? If the answer is yes, don’t wait another minute. Further Perspectives On Ambient Music For Sleeping Dogs is here to serve all your dreaming-doggo needs.

Ambient Music For Sleeping Dogs is the work of Milwaukee musician Jason Wietlispach. Through his Soutrane Recording Company, Wietlispach has issued decades’ worth of ambient, instrumental, and improvisational music. (Wietlispach is also the host of WMSE’s Sunday-afternoon “Modern Chamber,” a.k.a. “Milwaukee radio’s last remaining classical music program.”) For Ambient Music For Sleeping Dogs, Wietlispach employed everything from electronic keyboards to cellos and saxophones to give your pooches some pleasant P.M. ponderings.

“This music was composed as a soundtrack for our dogs to listen to at night in their dog room,” reads the back of the CD that Wietlispach graciously sent to us. We haven’t tried it on Milwaukee Record’s office dog Dishes, but we can attest to its soothing powers on humans. (Just kidding, Milwaukee Record doesn’t have an office dog. But if we did, its name would totally be Dishes.)

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