If you’ve been missing the Midwest Gaming Classic and can’t wait for its glorious return November 5-7 at the Wisconsin Center, have we got an event for you.

Yes, from the creators of MGC comes Game Nights, a new gaming and music festival set for July 2-3 at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel (the original site of MGC). Promising “two nights of wild entertainment and a game room that never closes,” Game Nights aims to give adult gamers all the video games, pinball, tabletop games, adult beverages, and music they could ask for. And yes, C+C Music Factory will be there on Friday, too.

What separates Game Nights from the full-blown MGC? A helpful FAQ explains: “At Game Nights, we never close the game room, you can bring drinks into the game room, we feature awesome groups performing, game content may be targeted more toward adults, ‘Game Directors’ call regular unscheduled tournaments, and adults can and are encouraged to ride the kiddie rides.”

Though geared for adults, Game Nights won’t enforce any age restrictions. “While we are targeting the event for adults, we are not imposing an age restriction, instead expecting that parents would decide if this event works for their children,” reads the FAQ. “However, we are not babysitters, therefore all guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.”

And now for C+C Music Factory (and the rest of the musical entertainment). Yep, the group behind such ’90s jams as “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” and “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” is scheduled to perform, along with Kung Lao And The Scorpions (featuring the actor behind Mortal Kombat‘s Kung Lao, Anthony Marque), Madison metal band Lords Of The Trident, and Milwaukee’s own NES-era soundtrack group Mechanical Life Vein. Game Nights’ self-description as “a ’90s fever dream come to life” sounds exactly right.

Tickets and hotel rooms are available NOW. And while masks will be optional, Game Nights organizers strongly suggest that everybody get vaxxed now.

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Midwest Gaming Classic to return to Wisconsin Center for November 5-7 convention