You simply won’t find a longer-tenured or better ska band in Wisconsin (or the Midwest?) than Something To Do. The Milwaukee-Madison sextuplet has been playing out regularly and releasing music since 2003, surviving countless changing musical trends and a few lineup changes in the process.

Save for a few live shows, Something To Do has been fairly quiet of late—releasing its last album, Design For Living, in June of 2018. Of course this whole worldwide pandemic thing has put any future shows and albums on indefinite hold. However, the veteran ska outfit recently used “the power of the internet” to write and record a new quarantine-specific song from their own homes.

“Stay Inside” addresses the isolation and stir craziness many of us are feeling at the moment, but—as the song’s name suggests—encourages listeners to stay strong and remain indoors until the threat of COVID-19 subsides. All proceeds from sales of this Bandcamp single will be donated to X-Ray Arcade’s relief fund. Listen to the new Something To Do song, support X-Ray Arcade, and STAY INSIDE.

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