Entering a new year is a lot like waking up in the morning: it’s best done slowly, quietly, and, if at all possible, without doomscrolling through Twitter. With that in mind, please let new Milwaukee project Mere Of Light and its wonderful first single, “Moon From A Well,” be your gentle guide into 2021. Goodness knows we need it.

Mere Of Light is fronted by Elise McArdle, whom Milwaukee music fans know from dream-pop group Cream Vellum. With Mere Of Light, McArdle goes for a more serene, pastoral sound, drawing on “material from sound archives, field recordings, fairytales, and folk ballads”—and, of course, a trusty harp (and guitar work from Eddie Chapman of Gauss). The wistful “Moon From A Well,” filled with images of soft nettle beds and “catnip and clover,” is from a forthcoming EP, Fell Tales, due this spring.

The video for “Moon From A Well,” meanwhile, was created by Minneapolis artist Anthony Clementi. McArdle says it “tells a tale of decay intermingled with new life, of intricate creation inseparable from fertile death.” Decay. New life. Fertile death. Yep, it’s gonna be another year, folks. Let’s ease into it.

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